Since surgery makes the nasal tissue more delicate, revision (or secondary) rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure, so expertise like that of Dr. Wise is crucial for success. Most plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is among the most challenging of all cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, add a revision to a rhinoplasty and the surgery becomes even more complicated. Not only is there a very delicate internal structure that must be protected, the nose is the most prominent feature of the face. Dr. Wise is one of the premier specialists in corrective revision rhinoplasty in the New Jersey and New York area, making him extremely qualified to handle and repair the damages of previous surgical missteps.

While it is always ideal to address any aesthetic or functional nasal issues during your first (and hopefully only) rhinoplasty procedure, reality has shown us that first time rhinoplasty doesn’t always go the way a patient had hoped. And for that reason, Dr. Wise is able to step in and correct whatever went wrong the first time, so that this rhinoplasty will leave you happy enough for it to be the last one you need.

Reasons to get corrective revision rhinoplasty

Some of the issues that could persist, become worse, or be created after your initial failed rhinoplasty include: obstruction of the nasal airway, cartilage or nasal bone collapse, overdone or artificial looking appearance, collapse of internal or external nasal valve, asymmetry made worse, poorly done reduction of the bridge height or hump, a nose that hasn’t been shaped as much as you wanted, a nasal tip that has been overly pinched, and excessive scarring on the inside or outside of your nose.