Dr. Wise specializes in male rhinoplasty, meaning that he is an expert in the nuances that make male rhinoplasty different from female rhinoplasty, and he knows how to reshape a male nose while still maintaining or even emphasizing its masculine characteristics and balancing the nose with the rest of the facial features

Many male patients in the New Jersey area have been seeking out the expertise of Dr. Wise for some time now. The social stigma that plastic surgery is just for women has been greatly reduced in recent years, and men have to deal with the same image conscious society as women do. Men looking to get a rhinoplasty procedure for aesthetic reasons are part of a growing movement that is breaking old stereotypes and taking charge of their appearance. Plus, there are many male patients who want rhinoplasty to deal with impaired breathing or to fix a misshapen nose resulting from a broken nose or other injury.

A man’s nose should sit on the face in a different way than a woman’s, which is why male rhinoplasty requires a certain level of expertise. Dr. Wise knows how to shape a stronger dorsum, make the nose wider, or shape the nasal tip to be more projected, rather than overly pinched or rotated which tend to be characteristics of a woman’s nose. A male rhinoplasty from Dr. Wise is intended to look natural and masculine while being specifically tailored to fit each patient’s unique facial features. Many plastic surgeons treat male and female rhinoplasty as the same procedure, but Dr. Wise recognizes the need for a different approach. During your consultation, you can see exactly how a male rhinoplasty can work for you, as displayed using our Vectra Imaging System.