Rhinoplasty for Men and Women; Is There a Difference?

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are differences in cosmetic surgical procedures between men and women – after all, there are differences in what’s considered the ideal combination of features between masculine and feminine patients. But the complexity of this difference is perhaps far greater than you’d realize without careful consideration.

The goal

Female rhinoplasty seeks a different end goal than male rhinoplasty, in most cases. Modern standards of beauty prefer a narrower nose on women than on men, at the most basic level – and the differences grow increasingly complex from there. You absolutely do not want a doctor who tries to apply the same one-size-fits-all concept of beauty to men and women, if you want to achieve your best possible face.

Combination of features

Of course, you can’t consider a nose separate from the face it’s connected to. The balance of your nose against your other features must be carefully considered – and here, we see another major difference. The features of a woman will of course be different from the features of a man, adding even more complexity to any consideration. A doctor cannot simply apply an ‘ideal female nose’ to any female face and get a satisfactory result. This makes a doctor not well-versed in female rhinoplasty even less suitable, as they’ll lack the basic understanding of female faces necessary to make proper adjustments.

Choosing an appropriate doctor

Because the goals differ, the procedures necessary for female rhinoplasty and male rhinoplasty differ – even if a doctor understands what a perfect nose should look like for a female face, without practice in the necessary procedures you’ll get subpar results. It’s best to work with a doctor who fully understands the differences between the two and applies themselves appropriately. Extensive practice with a variety of female faces seeking different goals is vital to your surgery’s end results – experience can’t be replaced with theory, especially in a field as nuanced and aesthetically based as cosmetic surgery.

You can find out more about female rhinoplasty and the procedures necessary to produce optimal results today, by contacting Dr. Wise. Submit an inquiry and request a consultation today!


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