Specializing in female rhinoplasty means that Dr. Wise knows how to reshape your nose while maintaining or improving its femininity.

Female rhinoplasty requires a different approach than male rhinoplasty, as women tend to seek narrower noses and there are nuanced rules for how a nose should fit the face. As an expert in these nuances and differences, Dr. Wise treats female rhinoplasty as a unique procedure and will use methods that are specifically tailored to each female patient. He will also use the highly advanced Vectra Imaging System during your consultation, so you can easily see how your female rhinoplasty will look.

Benefits of female rhinoplasty

The benefits of receiving a rhinoplasty can include but are not limited to: fixing the position of a nose that is not aligned properly; restoring the symmetry of a nose that has been through a trauma or injury; minimizing a nose that is too large or wide for a female face; repairing a deviated septum or sinus cavities that are damaged; fixing the shape of a drooping, upturned or bulbous tip of the nose; reducing nostrils that are too wide, upturned or flared; and correcting any bumps or depressions that detract from the smoothness of the bridge of the nose.