Dorothy R.

From the ages of 16-18, I’ve undergone 4 different rhinoplasty procedures by 3 different doctors---7 years later I still HATE my nose. Now, at the age of 25, due to my past surgery experiences and unfilled results, I was left feeling more insecure and helpless than ever. In fear my nose would end up looking worse if I proceeded with another surgery, I almost lost hope in finding any doctor that would be able to give me an aesthetically appealing nose.It wasn’t until reading many outstanding reviews about Dr. Wise and his facial reconstruction procedures that I decided to give him a shot and scheduled a consultation. My immediate impression with Dr. Wise was that he was extremely professional and an outstanding surgeon. Even though he’s triple Ivy League and double board certified, he seemed so humble, and made me feel at ease. He discussed exactly what was imperfect and flawed about my nose, mainly due to my past procedures, and was straightforward about the level of difficultly there would be if I proceeded with a 5th revision surgery and was genuine about the results I could expect. After he asked what I liked and disliked about my nose, together we viewed practical expectations of what my nose could look like through an innovative 3D imaging technology I’ve never experienced with my past surgeons. .After more than 7 years of hopelessness and searching, I’m certain I finally found a doctor that could give me the nose I always desired-- I’m eager to schedule my surgery with Dr. Wise and am confident and ecstatic to finally have a nose that will boost my confidence and will make me feel more secure with myself.