Stacy P.

After my nose surgery 18 years ago, I have been on the hunt for someone to correct my first surgery that I was not happy with. I consulted with many plastic surgeons in NYC until I found someone that I not only felt comfortable with but who did an amazing job! Dr. Jeffrey Wise is a sculptor and from start to finish, my experience was professional and informative. He has a boutique practice with a friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff who supported me throughout the entire process. Being that I was so nervous about the results, I was looking for some confirmation that I wasn't going to come out with a nose that would look worse! They used something called the vectra system where they took photos of my face from every angle. We looked at it together and I told him exactly what bothered me most. He was able to modify it the way that I wanted using a simulated image to show me what my nose would potentially look like. I was skeptical initially about how close the result would be but when he took the bandage off wow I was so happy! It looked like the simulated image and he addressed everything that bothered me so much for so many years. The best part is that I still look like myself but better and may I add, from every angle! It also made my slightly long and angular face look a little fuller and softer. My recovery was not what I expected but in a really good way! I had no bruising AT ALL and I was back to work 5 days post surgery!! I am so happy that I found Dr. Wise and his team. My results are beyond what I ever expected!