Thank you so much!! I am so happy already and it's only getting better every day. I am a strong believer in getting a procedure done if it will make someone's dreams come true, like it did for me, and I hope as time goes on people will become more accepting of plastic surgery as something beautiful and positive rather than fake or unnecessary. My experience with Dr. Wise was incredible so it was my pleasure to share it and hopefully it inspires people to take that step toward self-confidence!

Valerie H.

My nose surgery went really well with Dr. Wise. I did not bruise or swell at all. Better recovery than expected and very little pain. My nose looks very natural. Major improvement from before surgery!!

I came to Dr. Wise for a revision rhinoplasty, but I feared he wasn’t going to be able to fix the damage that had been done previously by other doctors. During the consultation, he used the 3D Vectra Imager to simulate what my nose would look like after surgery and he set realistic expectations for me. I was nervous since this would be my 3rd nose procedure, but he called me the night before my surgery which really reassured me that I was in good hands. It’s been 2 months since my procedure and I am 100% satisfied with the results already. The tip of my nose now looks natural and is completely symmetrical, my breathing has improved, and my nose is overall straighter as well. Dr. Wise has completely exceeded my expectations and now I am a regular patient at the Wise Center for all my beautifying needs. I highly recommend him because he is an exceptional doctor and he makes every interaction comfortable. I feel confident in his care and I would never go to any other surgeon!

Cecilia J.

As soon as I met Dr. Wise, I knew he was the right guy for the job. He really listened to me and I didn't have to try hard to explain anything because he understood exactly what I wanted. My nose is now adorable and perfect and I can't wait to start my first year of college as confident as ever thanks to Dr. Wise.

After my nose surgery 18 years ago, I have been on the hunt for someone to correct my first surgery that I was not happy with. I consulted with many plastic surgeons in NYC until I found someone that I not only felt comfortable with but who did an amazing job! Dr. Jeffrey Wise is a sculptor and from start to finish, my experience was professional and informative. He has a boutique practice with a friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff who supported me throughout the entire process. Being that I was so nervous about the results, I was looking for some confirmation that I wasn't going to come out with a nose that would look worse! They used something called the vectra system where they took photos of my face from every angle. We looked at it together and I told him exactly what bothered me most. He was able to modify it the way that I wanted using a simulated image to show me what my nose would potentially look like. I was skeptical initially about how close the result would be but when he took the bandage off wow I was so happy! It looked like the simulated image and he addressed everything that bothered me so much for so many years. The best part is that I still look like myself but better and may I add, from every angle! It also made my slightly long and angular face look a little fuller and softer. My recovery was not what I expected but in a really good way! I had no bruising AT ALL and I was back to work 5 days post surgery!! I am so happy that I found Dr. Wise and his team. My results are beyond what I ever expected!

I came here for a Rhinoplasty and I have been extremely pleased with the results. The staff is very friendly and helpful. At my consultation they were able to use computer 3D imaging to create a model of how I wanted the reconstruction to look and the result is practically spot-on to the 3D model. The procedure and follow up was made clear through various papers and the office was easy to contact for any questions. It was an overall great experience.

I wanted to change the shape and size of my nose. I felt uncomfortable when people looked at me and after I made the decision. I have no regrets he did both reduced the size and rounded out the tip it looks so natural. I love my profile. Dr. Wise did a great job, He is the best surgeon, I am happy with my results!

From the ages of 16-18, I’ve undergone 4 different rhinoplasty procedures by 3 different doctors---7 years later I still HATE my nose. Now, at the age of 25, due to my past surgery experiences and unfilled results, I was left feeling more insecure and helpless than ever. In fear my nose would end up looking worse if I proceeded with another surgery, I almost lost hope in finding any doctor that would be able to give me an aesthetically appealing nose.It wasn’t until reading many outstanding reviews about Dr. Wise and his facial reconstruction procedures that I decided to give him a shot and scheduled a consultation. My immediate impression with Dr. Wise was that he was extremely professional and an outstanding surgeon. Even though he’s triple Ivy League and double board certified, he seemed so humble, and made me feel at ease. He discussed exactly what was imperfect and flawed about my nose, mainly due to my past procedures, and was straightforward about the level of difficultly there would be if I proceeded with a 5th revision surgery and was genuine about the results I could expect. After he asked what I liked and disliked about my nose, together we viewed practical expectations of what my nose could look like through an innovative 3D imaging technology I’ve never experienced with my past surgeons. .After more than 7 years of hopelessness and searching, I’m certain I finally found a doctor that could give me the nose I always desired-- I’m eager to schedule my surgery with Dr. Wise and am confident and ecstatic to finally have a nose that will boost my confidence and will make me feel more secure with myself.

At the beginning I had some concerns about doing such a major surgery to my face. 1)I was afraid people would notice if it came out to fake looking. 2) I was afraid of the pain I would go through and if I would like the outcome or not. Well when I went in for my consultation and meet Dr. Wise I knew that if I was to go through with it he would be my doctor ( I had a few consults at this point and wasn't comfortable) His fun personally calmed my fears and I decided to go through with it. I am so happy with my results!! It looks like a better version of my nose. It's very natural looking and no bump!! The process was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and if I had to do it over again I would do it in a heartbeat. I would absolutely recommend you go in for a consult and meet him for yourself! A+!

Dr. Wise is an Amazing plastic surgeon and I am extremely happy with my results! I felt very comfortable and confident having him as my doctor from the second I met him. On the first day we sat down and he showed me what he was going to do on the 3D computer image. He answered all my questions. On surgery day he went over everything again and made sure I was ready. There was minimal bruising and he followed up with me after the surgery. Cast came off after about a week. His facility is very clean and state of the art. Both him and his staff are truly great, caring, and knowledgable. Dr. Wise is the best! Thanks!